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Computer games are culture

In this fundamental decision the European commision (DG Competition Neeli Kroes) has decided to acknowledge the cultural dimesion on a legal basis.

The most important sentences:

Existence of a cultural objective

(63)On the general question as to whether Video games can be regarded as cultural
products, the commission would note that Unesco recognises the video game
Industry as a cultural industry and the role it plays in the field of cultural diversity. It
also takes note of the arguments (…) to which video games can act as a vehicle
for images, values and themes that reflect the cultural environment  in
which they are created and may act on the ways of thinking and the cultural
references of users, especially among young people. It would also note in this
connection that Unesco has adopted the Convention on the Protection and
Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.
In addition, the Commission takes note of the increasingly wide dissemination of
video games among the different age categories and socio-professional
categories as well as among men and women.
(64) It transpires that the main objective of Video games is to provide interactive
entertainment (…). However, this does not prevent certain video games from also
having a cultural dimension, as in the case of certain theatrical forms where
interaction with the public also takes place. Similarly, the fact that video games can be
regarded as software rather than as audiovisual products in no way affects
the fact hat some of them can also be regarded as cultural products (…). It has
to be concluded, therefore, that certain video games may constitute cultural
DG Competition: 11 December 2007 State Aid C 47/06 (ex N 648/05)

The whole decision can be found here